Sensory Processing Disorder……focus on learning.

Sensory Processing Disorder……focus on learning.

Sensory processing disorder (SPD) isn’t often diagnosed, commonly it’s viewed as part of another condition but it can be really helpful to understand SPD and how it impacts day to day life, especially for children whose focus and ability to learn is compromised.

All our senses are constantly taking in information which is processed by the central nervous system. When suffering from SPD the central nervous system struggles to process these signals, therefore, the response to one or several sensory inputs results in ether an under reaction (hyposensitive) or over reaction (hypersensitive).

SPD can be split into different types but it’s common to see problems with





Food textures

Touch (too little or too much)

Hair or teeth brushing

Clothing (often seen with labels and textures)

Problems coordinating vision and movement

Issues following instruction, planning or moving between tasks

For children, this makes learning a challenge and often it’s seen as an inability to focus and engage in class. While managing the stimuli can be helpful (and in certain circumstances necessary) it’s only a short term solution and can cause distress when situations occur that are not managed.

Homeopathy is a gentle natural medicine that can treat the symptoms of SPD and enable children to learn and engage in activities. The correct homeopathic remedies enable the body to respond differently to the stimuli.

When treating children (or adults) with SPD the right remedy choice would depend on how their SPD impacts their life as well as their wider physical and emotional health. So a child who has trouble with proprioception (awareness of where their body is in space) would be given a different remedy to a child who cannot cope with loud noises and again a different remedy would be given to a child who has issues with their sense of movement (vestibular).

Some of the possible remedy choices are

Belladonna – sensitivity is a theme that runs through the remedy (often seen with light and noise). Also, there is a very notable change in behaviour when ill or overwhelmed.

Stramonium – where there are fears which are felt with huge intensity. Children often have lots of energy and it is one of the remedies where anger is expressed physically.

Within my practice, I have also used homeopathic detox to treat SPD with fantastic results, in one case a child wasn’t able to sit in class and often removed from learning due to overstimulation which resulted in disruptive behaviour. Following the detox, they were able to not only sit in class but participate in learning along with their peers.

Giving a child the chance and ability to learn is truly life changing.


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