Focus on what you should eat….

Focus on what you SHOULD eat, not what you SHOULDN’T

In a world where we are constantly told not to eat certain foods, reports can be conflicting and confusing.

But what should we eat more of?

The answer is simple……….more vegetables!

It’s reported that only 29% of people manage to eat 5 portions a day. Which is suggested by the world health organisation as the MINIMUM recommend amount.

In actual fact we should eat more than 5 portions of vegetables a day to ensure our bodies AND minds have the vital nutrition to thrive.

In a study by the University of Leeds and University of York 50,000 people were asked about their daily intake of fruit and vegetable. It was found those who ate more of the good stuff had better emotional wellbeing.

So what should I focus on ….

  1. Try and eat raw vegetables, nutrients are often lost in cooking. If you do like to have warm vegetable’s steaming them is the most efficient way to retain the goodness.
  2. Buy organic if you can. Studies have shown organic veggies come from soil that is less depleted resulting in a more nutrient dense product. They are not only healthier but also better for the environment.
  3. Get a head start and add vegetables to your breakfast smoothie, it’s an excellent way to kick off the day and get an extra portion of vegetables in.




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