How are you feeling?

mental health picture

How are you feeling? This is a really important question at the moment, with lockdown and social restriction our mental health is under more pressure than ever before. We have lost freedom and control which are key to our mental and emotional health. I am seeing this more in clinic with many patients calling me with emotional health concerns.

Of course, taking a break from work and home school is a fantastic way to gain breathing space as well as good food and exercise. While this maybe enough for some people many need more, this is where homeopathy is playing a huge role in bringing about wellbeing and good mental health.

Some of my favourite remedies I am using a lot are

Aconite – panic, shock, sudden anxiety

Arsenicum Album – anxiety and fear with a need for company and worries of a loss of control.

If you are not sure which remedy is for you or none of the above are right (we have over 4000 so there is one just for you out there) message the clinic and I can help you find your fit.

How is your mental and emotional health?

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