Time is an Illusion

Is there a song you hear and it takes you straight back to a specific moment in time? Or a smell that magically transports you to a place in your childhood?

Our bodies don’t always see time in the way you might think. But this isn’t always a nostalgic sensation, we can get stuck when things take us by surprise or an event is so overwhelming, we fail to truly move on. Just like a song or smell it is an imprint in our very being which changes how our bodies react to things.

When this has a negative impact it can limit us creating fear, sadness, upset or panic. This can start a pattern and these feelings become the norm, over time turning into anxiety and depression.

We need to change things so our bodies responds differently. Homeopathy has over 4000 different proven remedies which have a mental emotions influence enabling us to gently move forward and restore wellbeing.

Are you stuck? .time image

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