Lockdown Anxiety

Anxiety, holding Magnifying Glass. Studio Shot

How are you feeling? This is a really important question at the moment, with lockdown here again our mental health is under more pressure than ever before. We have lost freedom and control which are key to our mental and emotional health. I am seeing this more in clinic with many patients calling me with emotional health concerns.

As we go into the colder months and spend less time outside in the fresh air soaking up vitamin D colds and flu inevitability become more common. So, it isn’t surprising covid cases are on the rise, especially with the many studies over the last six months which have shown that vitamin D can help reduce infection rates.

So, what positive steps can we take to improve our mental and physical health during lockdown?

Stay connected – make sure you take time to speak with friend and family. As humans we thrive on connection, helping us produce more serotonin which contributes to our happiness and wellbeing.

Limit the news – this is a really important one which can make a massive difference to our emotional health.

Energy bank – identify what makes you happy and gives you energy and the things that drain you. Make sure there is a positive balance between these to maintain good mental and physical health.

Supplements – supplements are amazing but will never match the quality of nutrition we can get from good organic food. If you go for a supplement check the ingredients and make sure it’s clean. Another tip is to make sure you have the nutrition around the supplement to support its absorption (vitamins and minerals do not work in isolation). If you go for a vitamin D make sure you get D3, D2 (ergocalciferol) is a plant form (foods are often fortified with D2) and D3 (cholecalciferol) is generated from the sun.

Anxiety – any anxiety must be managed, living with worry and fear makes us more vulnerable to picking up illness.

With this in mind earlier this year I put together anxiety packs. These are handy boxes which contain five different remedies.

Three different remedies for anxiety.

One remedy which is an immune booster.

One remedy for days when you struggle wearing a mask.

I am now putting some more packs together and extending this offer, so you can receive your own anxiety pack including UK postage for £20. If you would like an anxiety pack please contact the clinic


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