About Me

As my daughter turned 5 years old she was diagnosed with a chronic life long condition. Modern medicine offered no treatment for her and the outlook was bleak. As we sat in a small room receiving the diagnosis I said what can we do? I was told ‘you can’t do anything more than you are already doing’.

So I started to reach, for me there had to be more! I  went on courses, read every article about every therapy and treatment out there. As I read more and more about diet and nutrition I realised that this could help and it was also something I could do. I contacted a nutritionist and made an appointment. At which the nutritionist also introduced me to homeopathy and I was hooked!

I started to use homeopathy and nutrition with my friends and family and was amazed by the results.

Having studied homeopathy at college in a full time attendance course and in a correspondence setting, I gained my Diploma with a distinction and a certification in Homeopathic Detox Therapy. I have also achieved a distinction in my Diploma for Diet and Nutrition.

So that’s me …….. how about you?

I would love to hear about your natural health journey, you never know I might be able to offer to help and support.